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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Initial-D in Singapore?

This is my 1st try shooting through out the event with JPEG format instead of RAW (in which I often use) due to Carma Online/Canon contest and also my 1st ever panning shots for motor sports after my involvement to photography world as hobby for the past 3 months... Was taken last weekend @ New Changi Static Aircraft Field in S'pore. Most of the panning shots were blur by the cause of using sigma 100-300mm 3.5 - 6+ "chap ayam" (cheap) tele lens. :P No editing were made except bit more sharpening. Unfortunately for me, battery went exhausted and no spare to finish the podium :(. Anyway, enjoy yourself. Cheers!

This is one from three pictures that was sent for on site contest. (My Fav!)

For the rest of the pictures, you may watch it from picture link below;

p/s: sry honey for the sexy pix. I am so proud towards myself, when I can see my pictures are better than most of other photographers that uses much far more advanced cameras with expensive lens! :P

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Keroncong Tak Berirama!

Pagi masih hening... bunyik radio jer yg poyo.
Oh ye, ini kali wa malas nak speeking bahse rojak wa.
Sbb prut ni dah bekeroncong. Pi la punggah meja mkn, tp kosong.
Aiseh lupe plak yg org rumah x masak sbb kitorang pi mkn luar mlm td.
Pastuh wa cube ilangkan rs busan sbb lapo dgn mengemaskini koleksi gambar tahpahaper tuh dgn jumlah hampir 100G sejak wa mule berkecimpung dlm arena fotografi sejak 2 bln lepas ni utk wa burn ke dlm DVD (ralat: jumlah besar tu termasuk gambo dolu²).
Punye la pilih sambil sorting, wa terlihat gambar kini mase mkn kat MekDi. Lantas, trus wa x bley thn... start kete dan vroom... wa masuk tdo :P

Terima kasih layan crite songol wa nih. Apepun tahniah sbb anda turut terjebatk same dlm kancah kesongolan ini...

Ini la antare gambar yg wa maksudkan td... syok beb mkn beger suku paun 2-3 bijik!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mix and Match

Today, I have read inside my photo forum from my fellow classmate about this face recognition.
Tried to match for both me and my wife. Seems, not all matches as exactly but still can consider as a bit close lah! You may want to try out, to see how you may look similar to somebody else :P


My Wiffy...

Oh well, I know I don't have the look. But it does what it says... a sportsman!
Try it!! Its fun tho... One thing for sure, just don't blame me if your picture failed to matched any...
p/s no wonder I can't stop seeing "ah moi" (rather than aweks) and "anime like" girl a lot!! LOL :)))

Monday, April 14, 2008

Komiti Rakan Muda

Yes ahhh... its been 2 months already since I'm using this used Canon 300D dslr and still in use. Although there are more high-end DSLR type marketing out there but this is what I might think suited me most (at time) by affordability, skills and results . Which is everything depends on me, on how am I using it and that's why I'm gonna stick with it (for a while).
Well, one day I also might to reconsider changing to higher end though! :P

BTW, today also is where I am happy enough to share with you few pics where I was invited by
shadi3 to attend his college activity @ JB Zoo (again!?). Where we have to clean up the cages and chances to play around with few animals. Oh yeah, entering into the case itself is the greatest experience here. Enjoys!

Few animals last time I hadn't chance to shoot. Now, I shoot them inside the cagelah pulak!

Even on duty, they had a time to gimme some poses! :D

Fellas on duty

Ehem²... Ladies...

The moment!

For the rest of pics, you may view them here... Cheers lads!

Another Weekend Vacation

Waaaa... I have wrote long statement inside this blog then "damn", I accidentally close the web.
Aahhh... Jut wanna tell you guys about our short vacation to PD NS. Just enjoy the views!

Once arrive, I straight away snap few pics.

During "check in".

Some views from the apartment.

@ the pool. Wawa really know how to swim although she's only 7+ months old, LOL.

The "pops" breakfast!

Before we left the hotel.

By the beach. No time to swim or play around there because we had to rush back to KL for some relatives matter. Bless you my dear!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Upcoming Race Teaser...

Yesterday I had my chance to see a F1 race car at The Padang near City Hall in Singapore.
Since I have missed the race in Sepang recently, I really don't want to miss this one again tho.
Although its just a preview of how it will look like for the upcoming F1 event here in Lion City. The best part is when you had your chances on listening to the screaming to roaring sound of the F1 engine which is really close to you and meet up with among world's finest F1 driver Mika Hakkinen.
Alright, let see what I've got!

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