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Friday, May 9, 2008

Bye² Sayang....

Desperate to pay bills of new hobby and such. Now, I'm willing to let go my old hobby collection the worth that can buy myself new sets of high-end DLSR. But i'm not sure whether people will take it or not? Few items are really hot! Not even post here and auction site yet, somebody has looking for it and sent me an e-mail to ask for negotiation. Hey, at least it has been sold LOL...
But, I can't sell all of 'em. I need something to remember too, you know.
Gonna miss my dear cars... they've been serving me well.

My best HPI Pro 4 (standard type)

My Pro 3 has served me long...

I know la not that core but all these things still cost you which consume money from your wallet a lot!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Drift Day @ Bandar Baru Uda JB

Its been a while since I left this blog empty. Now, for the second time I'm pleased to share with you guys with another drift sports brought in to JB by Bridgestone and Utama Tire workshop last weekend. Driven by top 4 Singapore's Formula Drift masters; Ivan Lau and runner up Tengku DJan Ley (Ya! Penadol Active Fast, pilihan saya.).

Total of 3 cars were shown @ this event, Proton Waja, Toyota AE and Nissan Sylvia.
The event was officially launched by Johor Youth and Sports Exco. I found out the place was too tiny for these drifters to show off their skills and lack of safety measures. However I was wrong, its really entertaining. They were really professional drivers and really good on what they do.

Cut the chat, let see what I've got. Enjoy!

Paparazzis and stars...

The tiny track...

Kamikaze photographers

Sharp shooters in action...

Malaysian DK's T.DJan Ley... Waja filled with Nissan power!

Driven by Ivan Lau (Best of 4 S'pore)... N/A Levin powered by NOS!

Thumbs up for the show...

A Gentle Reminder... Thank You

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