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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tamron Portraits Photography Workshop & Contest

As I said earlier, that I went to Tamron workshop last Sunday. Did I mentioned? First, I'm having difficulties to find the place called Taat House @ Jalan Taat in JB. Because I have never been there and the place was really "ceruk mane ntah!"... But thanks to few friends of mine who willing to help me to find my route there. And there I was, on time. Yeay! Thanks to Leen, Nan and TennoTRZ.
Kind a surprise for me to see all those pros (veterans) were there too.. with their heavy artillery :P At first, I kind a hesitate to withdraw my gun. But soon after those speeches by guest speakers, I have been motivated and I draw my "ciput" gun out.
Well, its an opportunity to shoots models thou... Who wanna miss it anyway when its free!
Also my Wawa has been a victim from few participants who shots her gluttonously as a baby model. Oh my poor baby, daddy will counter them for you... Cheewah!
And yes, I have found few new friends!

Two models were provided for us to shoots, while there were about 60+ of us.. damn, so crowded one! Using my 'celah bedah' skill, I was able to take few snaps.

Model PhoenixModel SaraThe 'Pro' participants (about 60+ of us)The 'victim'!Among fav for Phoenix
And Sara
*New F1 future driver, not an umbrella model eh! :p credited to TL Chan

Thats it, I think I have improved a bit (I think...)
Oh, no flash option was used for these shots. Only available sunlight.(my camera body can't afford high sync flash)
Next, Tamron is heading east cost of Kelantan for their last journey of promoting those ok² lar lenses...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pesta Flora Malaysia 2008

Pesta ini dengan jayanya dirasmikan oleh DYMM Tuanku Mizan beserta beberapa orang VIP, termasuk Pak Lah.
Bersempena dengan majlis pelancaran ini, Bandaraya Johor akan menjadi salah sebuah bandar contoh dengan kepelbagaian warna warni bunga (ye la tu... ;P)

Festival Flora Malaysia 2008Festival Flora Malaysia 2008
Festival Flora Malaysia 2008
Festival Flora Malaysia 2008Festival Flora Malaysia 2008

PreLaunch Malaysia Flora Fest 2008

Well, its quite not so so busy here lah. Because I felt so down this time to update this blog due to no good image to show to you guys. Felt so bad that I have not write it here, but its ok now lah... K, this time its about a fiesta that went to town last Friday 'til Sunday. But I only manage to go there twice. Because I have a workshop to attend on Sunday. There was this open concert in Danga bay which free for public just for the attraction or I might say as a prelaunch for the Malaysia Flora Fest parade before officially launch on the next day. Crap, I dun have any good capture this time due to limitation on me (but I blame my camera for that).

Shamrin/PhotographRawk show by KristalEnd of prelaunch concert...
from left: Karen, Shamrin, Krista group, Sathia & Abun

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Umi, Auntie Ngah & Wawa

Umi & Wawa
Aunti Ngah & Wawa


Oh ye, Auntie Ngah is Umi's twin sister...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

TTJB Rasmi #2

Berlansunglah satu lagi acara kemuncak untuk perwakilan jurufoto Johor, di mana perbincangan susulan selapas perjumpaan jurufoto seluruh Johor dan bahagian selatan semenanjung.
Setelah perbincangan berlansung dengan jayanya yang menelan masa hampir 5 jam. Namun, organizer kami masih gagal untuk membuat sebarang laporan disebabkan terlebih tidur berpunca akibat ganti rugi celik semalaman.
Namun, banyak susulan masalah yang dikemukan oleh ahli panel dari seluruh daerah dapat dibidas dengan penerangan jelas oleh ketua perwakilan jurufoto Johor ini. Perbincangan ini telah memperoleh kata putus persetujuan jurufoto bagi negeri selatan. Antaranya, kenaikan minyak sama sekali mendatangkan kesan kepada harga sesi pengambaran. Kos nilai tambahan 'surcharge' melalui tambahan nilai/barangan pakej dan pemansuhan sistem gulungan (roll) bagi membawa sistem pakej sebagai asas perkhidmatan.

Gambar ekhsan dari syafik OREN

Monday, July 7, 2008

Singapore's Wedding The 1st

This time, I was invited to Woodlands street. Not as OP but as a guest. Unfortunately for me as a wedding photography lover, can't leave my baby alone at home.
As I bring her along, few snaps were taken for my own memories.
Today its about a lovely couple who falling in love and swear to live toghether 'til end,
Shaherien & Leonita. Shaherien is a brother to my colleague, Rino (wearing grey cheong sam).
Arrived a bit too early that day, as Chin and I has nothing to do except waiting and puffing cigarettes until we both were all out. That morning also, the sky is showing its darkness and generously showering its rain. But just for a while, its like a sign that this couple were blessed when a bright sun shine appears...
Not so surprise about their session due to its similarity back here in Malaysia.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sepakatan Jurufoto Johor!

Kelmarin, wa ada ikut satu seminar berkaitan fotografi perkahwinan bertajuk "SESI TERBUKA TENTANG PENGIRAAN KOS & FOTOGRAFI PERKAHWINAN MASA KINI" yang disampaikan oleh 4 panel terkenal dikalangan jurufoto Johor, yakni Didiz (Fotokahwin), Din Putra Pawaka (Art Creative), Saiful Nang (Candid Syndrome) dan Cikgu Mat (Ideal Media). Dengan kehadiran seramai 176 jurufoto yang dikira jumlah terbanyak dari serata bekas jajahan bagi negeri Johor, manggamatkan lagi suasana persidangan.
Dasarnya, perjumpaan ini adalah berkaitan dengan mendapatkan kata putus dan sokongan dari semua jurufoto di Malaysia bagi harga pasaran asas baru untuk perkhidmatan fotografi perkahwinan. Serta dengan persetujuan ini, satu memorandum akan dihantar ke seluruh butik, bridal house dan mak andam di semenanjung.

Maka dengan berjayanya perjumpaan ini, harga "bottom price" telah ditetapkan dengan RM*ratus/roll dan/atau RM*ribu/atucara. Sekian.

p/s: Segala penerangan terperinci bolehlah dirujuk kemana² jurufoto di Johor dahulu dan ianya akan berkembang ke seluruh pelosok Malaysia. Jadi, bagi orang KL dan UTARA baik cecepat booking sebelum harga tetap di kuat kuasa oleh ejen. =|;D

mereka yang telah bersepakat mengenai penetapan harga
Gambar ikhsan oleh Ayares

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The EOS Experience Seminar 2008

Yesterday, I was invited (participated actually) to one of Canon seminar for Southern Malaysia Canonian users. Was held in Mutiara Hotel JB and presented by two Malaysian top photogers Mr. Kaz Chua & Mr. Teoh Peng Kee.
This Canon seminar really not to educate its currently customers but to more to promote their high-end line product especially the new 40D and 1Ds MkIII. Although I have seen and tested these two bodies, but this time I had my chance to test the 1D MkIII which is on top of its class for sports shooters.
Well, at least I learned something from here. Canon never dies!
End Of Story for Goddess of the Dawn (EeeOhhhSss)

During registration, then breakfast, later lunch, then tea break and dinner... Walauweh, always eat² free wan..

During talk by Canon official speakers... talk bout that this and that again...

During Live shoot demo by Kaz Chua

Leftovers who dun wan to go home...

Some pictures courtesy of Canon

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