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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hunt of Misery

(JARO - Johor Handicraft Center)

Yesterday was on holiday due to Good Friday's here in Singapore.
I was bored a day before yesterday, so I have planned to go for hunting. My first move was JB zoo, then to S'pore's zoo.
Later I got contacted by my wify, claiming that she's on 1/2 day working. Aduh... Straight away she said she's following. Automatically I have to canceled my weekend trip back to "seberang" :(. Never mind, wify nak ikutlah katekan and only two of us. Leaving my daughter behind @ her nursery. Worst part is, its going to be my wify's way... because she had her plan already by going to shoot some building called JARO. Its for her site survey, which I have no clue for what purpose. (Architect thingy)
Later then, we went to the zoo (JB only). Both of us was so disappointed with its environment, since this was our first time here. Totally different from KL one. This animal park really is tiny. Poor those animals, really space consuming huh! Even some have to share cages from different type of animals, yuck!

That night we went shopping facilities for Wawa. But she wasn't really happy for it :P

(She was crying out loud until exhausted and went to sleep)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Boring Semester's End...

Today while nothing much to do with my duty as 'kaf-wau-lam-ya', I have a thought to re neat my blog. Most of 'em are pictures which I believe are broken pixel during the uploading from my first attempt to do blogging.
I often ask myself, "Why does anyone else can have a good blog with better pictures?". Since then I often had this ideas for this and that just to rectify my blog pictures to be more crisped!
While doing my daily report, all of a sudden. I had this thought, why don't I use HTML editing instead of using compose edit.
Cut the crap short, wallaaaa... now its much better to view even its tinier than its original. Although it is a little bit complex rather then just typing inside compose form but its far better looking then crippling my eyes. However, I believe it can be much better if I use brighter background and wider column compare to layout which I currently use. But this is what blogger.com/blogspot.com can offer me for free and I'll take it because this is the design that matches me, I believe.
Next 3 weeks, is going to be a fun week when S'pore's ITE college *where I work with is having their semester break. Now its the chance for me to rove around West side to do what I think I should do, else I'll sit @ my desk and play games... much or less.
Only recently. Just recently, I feel glad that I can blog and no idea why am I doing it? For me, you or what I don't know?
And I praise I am still here, doing what I have to do....

Just doing my side-report...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Model Shooting...

Today I had a chance to try what I have learned from the internet about photography and the best part, it's FOC. It was held in Istana Flora Park in JB.
Although it was a bit rough just to wait models to show up, I am pretty happy it was over then. Not much good HQ pictures were taken due to lack of models and plenty of us the photographers struggle to take pictures without queuing. I must admit, my skill hasn't yet develop much since I have been using this cheap Digital SLR camera for couple of months now. More too darkness rather than clear images.
Anyway, it was late then. When we supposed to meet @ 2pm instead of 1730hrs! Therefore, sunlight was set down when time goes by and we had not enough light to bright the subject. My "Chap Ayam" flash wont do no good. Then again, I'm cutting my silly crap words and to post those images I have captured. Enjoy.

VERY Late Models - Mas, No Idea Who, Nazirah.

I was told that this action supposed to be an artistic image
when doing bondage towards Nazirah pose.
You decide eh...

B&W version of Mas

More pictures to come from them later, since I have other commitment to do.
Need learn a lot more to master all these effects in a very short time before jumped down into this photography world seriously :P

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Official JB TT

Right after Bai's Wedding ceremony, I went back home for a short rest. Its due to my first meeting with members from Photoschool (CandidSyndrome.com). Not much interesting story here (except for us lar). Here I paste the faces of JB TehTarikans. These guys rawks.

Actually there is, so many story to tell. But I think better to keep it myself. Anyway, here it is. The faces School of Imageshooting. (image courtesy of Tea_O)

Bai's Wedding

March 3rd 2008, this time is my brother-in-law's sister wedding. Was held in Kluang, Johor.
Just want to tell you guys the story when I am on my way there. First of, I actually had canceled my way to the their wedding because of I wanna try to tag or to see "cekgu adhadi" in action when he got a wedding shoot at the same day. Last minute had to remake my journey again to Kluang since my mom called and ask "where was I?" Like ridiculously story of "Pak Pandir". While driving towards there, I was stuck again due to traffic. "S***" I said. The jam last for more than hour. "What the f*** is going on front there, why not just move along?". Frustrated. Until, I saw a smashed car. It was a Perodua Kancil. From the carcass body of the car, surely I can tell they all must have end up DEAD! I captured few pics, but I won't put it into my blog... and glad, I have passed through the traffic.

Once arrived, the time was around 2 PM. I really have thought that I have missed those moment. Then again I was wrong. Since it was also the day when we Malaysian go out for voting for their government. Then again, was so tired and I don't want to disturb OP (Official Photographer)... Therefore, this is what I get on that day. Not much, but enough to share with you guys. May view some samples here.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

TT (Teh Tarik)

A day which is my first time meeting fellow photogs from around JB. Man, it was marvelous. At last, I had the chance of face-to-face meet up with these wonderful experienced guys. BTW, there were also few newbies like me.
We didn't do any ice braking, because its like we have already known each other for sometimes. Lucky for us beginners, there was also a pro (I called him cekgu) hang out with us that nite. Listen to his talks, I knew I can depend on his experience for my easy exercise. We did somehow, change ideas, knowledge, errors etc. Although it was short for me, but I really glad to showed up that nite and learn few things (which is a lot to me :D).

aj3ksilv3rhair having serious conversation with adhadi [cekgu])

Newbs struggling to insert my "chap ayam" hotshoe flash for testing)

Participants were there last nite are ajek, hakim (know nuthing), adhadi, me, wan (teh-o) and his friends, miss_ai and her bro (I think).

Friday, March 7, 2008

Singapore Causeway

Its been a while since I haven’t update my blog.

Was so frustrated with S’pore’s traffic that would hold your way back home for more than 3 and a half hours journey for a distance of 40Kms. I had enough.

Had to capture these pics below (2 days ago) to show you guys the story...

(images are not in HQ due to source of medium)

The image sequence - downward.

- ½ hour after I reached the crowded traffic.

- An hour exactly getting after went through traffic. (see the difference between picture signboards compare to the 1st image)

- 1 ½ hour later. (I am directly below the signage)

- The ****up face… :P

- Until glooming with street lights. Almost nothing much moved… ssshhhhhHHHHH….

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