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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Voltage Stabilizer Really Works On FC!

Last week I was desperate to find myself fuel saver stuff (after installing fuel regulator which later I realized not quite functional because it doesn’t work with fully sensor car). The automobile currently in use is already an economical vehicle both work and leisure, though. But I still want to save more!
Therefore, I went to an accessory shop to seek any efficient gadget to save more FC (fuel consumption). After seek through, my eyes was focusing interest with this “Pivot Raizin VS1”. The promoter claims that this stuff is really a hot item nowadays. It is a really nice and neat gadget for your car, but by taking a look inside it (its transparent casing tho) I was having this thought. What a simple device this is, with a killing price!…

I canceled my intention on buying anything from that store and straight away I drove to nearest radio shack stores. Unfortunately, all 3 stores don’t have thing I am looking for. Frustrated but admired, I returned home disappointedly and keep thinking. How am I able to find that thing? Minutes later, an idea emerged from my tiny brain. Things I wanted are inside my old PC mobo (mother boards)! Quickly I dismantled everything that I need the most. After I have finish with it, I put it into car battery terminal. I started the engine to hear any difference….
Wauzaa!! It works, really works! At idle, the engine was quieter than before. So I buckled up and test drive it. Really shows uniquely improvements. Although not showing any significant horse power improvement but the engine runs smoother, better gear change, and I find a bit brighter head lamp (it was getting late actually).
The next day, since my wife is using that car to work so I called her. She claims the engine is really smooth, “what have you done?” she asked. “I put some tonic inside it!” I replied. LOL! So, the first actual positive comment I received.
Later, I built another better one by reducing the amount of component inside but with larger power and capacity.
All of the sudden, this week my wife received a phone call from “kampung” telling her that my father-in-law is sick. Dengue suspected.
I put the rest of the story short. I able to promote this good stuff to my relatives and friends. They have tested it, (device from what I actually using) and positive feed backs from all comments!
And after returning to JB from KL, I realized I have saved myself total RM60 of fuel consumption back and forth from traveling with average speed of 130Km/h! Spending RM100 on fuel with this compact, economical car @ 670KM journey (15.5Km/l @ 130Km/h, even better mileage if I lowered the speed limit)… And I was really proud of myself by making me this device on my own (which I believe far better performance than pivot vs type) and praise to Lord that he has shown me way ;). A real total saving of 37.5% of FC and better driving experience… (Forgot to mention, this was during the petrol price of RM2.7 to RM2.3 / liter)

*Before this, I have heard about Pivot VS and Mega VS which cost RM 250 to RM480 and other brand (claimed to be a Japan product) called i-Charge which cost you more than half grand! (RM600+). I said to myself, perghh… Very expensive lor! Mine which was home made, only a fraction of market cost with greater capacity power than Pivot VS

[Update] Later, I announce this achievement to all my relatives on how good it feels and had been tried by my brothers with really positive results. Now I am quite busy duplicating this device up to 20 units. Not bad eh ;)
Now, almost 3-year-old standard factory Myvi car can reach up to 180Km/h and easily reach 160Km/h less or within minute (Its just a speed test. Well, I don't wanna waste FC anyway).

[Update] Someone asked me, "Have you tried HHO Booster?". I simply replied, "Havent!".
He asked again, "Do you know what it is for and its function?". "Yes, I know how it works." again I replied. But I wont do it, because of simple answer. Its too dangerous and somehow ridiculous!
HHO Booster is like playing with some sort of time bomb. Simple mistake and you can say bye² to your car or your world incase of the worst scenario had happen to you.
Yes, I may help you with your milage a lot. About +-30% savings (if it workslah)! But I am not risking people's live nor myself. Again, to use this kind of product you have to permanently modify your engine. You may Google it on the internet on how beneficial it is...
Therefore, I am not recommending it to anyone :)
But if you want to try it, go ahead. I am not guarantee you anything and of course not to be responsible for damage or death.
Fuel saver scams can be found here, which also includes HHO Booster! Har har har.

Cars tested with my VS;

Myvi - Improvement with idling, no vibration feelings. Better and smoother engine punch during climbing up hills. Cooler air conditioning from same level use (lowest). A brighter front lamp with no power loss. Instant driving experience by using 1st gear, slowly release clutch pedal without accelerating fuel pedal. Can feel the car jerking is gone!
Proton Tiara – The results is when user trying to start the car. Instant kick in to engine makes it really easy to start without have to wait for several seconds for the engine to run.

Proton Saga Aeroback – From Pasir Gudang to Puchong takes only 2/3 of FC compare to before installation. 2nd car claims no effect, could be the battery or the its terminal connection worn out/dirty.
Volvo 240GL Automatic – Smoothness feel during climbing hills. Lesser engine vibration experienced. Accidentally sent car for washing plus engine cleaning but device is still working. (Its water proof leh)
Proton Perdana – Seems not much different except no more engine interference noise from stereo and just a bit FC savings (damn!)
Perodua Kelisa - Difference in torque with ¼ acceleration in 4th and 5th gear. Lesser noise from engine.
Isuzu Trooper Petrol '94 - Improvement in torque, better idling (although a bit higher rev @ +- 100th rpm), smoothness ride more comfortable and according to user, all around its about 15% FC reduce. Thats RM15 less for every RM100 fuel top up before!

Ever wonder why there are two units inside? The blue cable is the 1st boxed/sealed version before red cable comes into product

Only few units left, quite a mess to make this product alone... gonna take week to produce 20 units more!

simple and neatly looking item, yet powerful ;)

[Added] These are few brands are sold here in Malaysia, S'pore and the rest of SEA.

The most crap piece of thing (see what's inside!). With this circuit, I believe nothing will happen to your car except gaining more weight and spaces. (Lowyat Forum)

Another piece of crap, bulky and ugly to be put inside drive interior. Which is also doesn't come cheap! (I-Charge.Net)

See how the ugly thing sticks inside your car interior. Then how am I suppose to lite up my cigarette and what about kids!? I don't think Japan is responsible for this unpleasant R&D. (Somewhere in YouTube)

This is well working but compare to its size, I think not enough for 1.4 L and above type of car and I don't like the flashing colorful LED tho. (88DB.sg)

Most reliable brand and its good. Beware of imitation and fake type. (PivotJP)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Malaysian Rally 2008 MR8 Johor

Kali ni tetiba jer ada member ajak pi amek gambo rally. Tapi malangnya, masa perlumbaan akhir tu tiba tersangatlah lewat dan dapat snapshot 2-3 buah kereta local yang tak hebat mana pon. Masa sampai tu, berselisih dengan Karamjit yang baru jer tiba di garisan penamat.
Hurm, tengoklah apa yang ada ye...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

No Pictures For Raya '08!

Sry guys, you've herad me. Although I brought along my camera (even mobile phone camera would do, isn't it?), I have no intention to take any picture during the Eid-Fitr celebration. Because I am so tired even at the beginning and no idea why.
Make it short, no valueble picture for this year Raya. :(


The one and only Raya picture...

A Gentle Reminder... Thank You

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