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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jalan² @ Taman Bunga Istana

Minggu yang tenang, kene la bawa beristirehat...
Kali ni, beri peluang pada Wawa untuk bermain di atas padang di taman bunga, panjat pokok etc.
Belikan toys, tapi tak tahu apa yang dia suka. Sebab sebelumnya belikan macam² dah, semua dia tolak tepi. Kali ni, belikan dia keretapi. Malangnya, dah siap pasang dan hidupkan. Lintang pukang dia lari dan menangis macam kena kejar hantu! La, kesian... kesian
kat abi sebab tak tahu dia nak apa lagi entah?

Inilah keretapi yang Wawa takut sangat nak tengok!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Colours of Malaysia 2008

Last Saturday night, there was an official launch event called "Citrawarna & Citrarasa Malaysia 2008" for a state level of Johore.
Love the colorful customs made for this show. Sadly, I can't stay long due to little shower from the sky and out of CF (while there's a spare inside my bag). Nvm, Just see what I've got here...

Sry for a bad color balance. Damn lazy to repair it :P

Friday, June 6, 2008

Nothing Much...

I went 1/2 nuts today when most of the selection are not in my point of quality measure.
Every time it happen, I just take a look at my daughter's face and her behavior.
Oh yeah, now she has shown an interest towards books! Her Mom pretty much happy for this evolution of my daughter's thinking.
Only recently, she is not feeling well. Often got fever... Probably due to unpredicted weather. So, no fun to play with her longer... Get well soon dear!

Huh, I almost forgot. I have things to do. Better not, like NOW? :D

No idea what's on her mind actually :P
And she's about nine months now...

While shopping out @ Tesco Sri Alam.

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