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I am a Malaysian amateur photographer based in Klang Valley, Malaysia and I’m also into such fields as corporate, event, product, portraiture and wedding photography. I use semi/professional grade equipment for all of my photo shoots. Following the event, I meticulously review and fine tune each photo using advanced editing software before selecting the best images to be placed in the designated album of your choice. I'm always looking to capture most meaningful moments in time and to immortalize them for posterity. For me, every event is both unique and important, be it a wedding, corporate function and vise versa. Prior to the event, I consult with my clients to determine their preferences and confirm the agenda to ensure that everything is perfect. I am available for overseas assignments on request. Willing to travel to your favorite destination in order to capture your important day! Feel free to browse my blog. You may contact me and we can discuss your specific requirements. e-mail: ayeen2@gmail.com | contact: +6012.665.1679 http://photoplusgraphy.blogspot.com http://ayeen2.blogspot.com/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/ayeen2/

Friday, February 29, 2008

Behave, she's our GOD on earth!

Today, after long hours of wining around the campus to seek things which I have to do. I was bored, leaning on my chair confronting the highlighted screen. Then I received an e-mail from Saiful Nang, that my account on his photography school has been activated. In which I have lost the authentication mail when I deleted the BULK mail. It was there when I did it. Thanks to SN to accept me.
Straight away I browsed the forum, few of them. None of what I looking for was there. So I stop, probably later I visit it again. Then, when I looked at this picture (edited right) I feel the emptiness by seeing through the eyes. Then, with "cincai" editing there it was, created. I realized, I miss my mother. So much sins since I was a kid. Therefore, here I dedicated this to her. Also I remembered how sad the story was from SN's blog and so this poem also is dedicated to him. A man with DOF vision.
Judging from my point of view, IMHO that is. BE NICE TO YOUR FOLKS. You may not know when and where or who. Get the picture?

*sry for the blurred wording. It was my intention =)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Unsuccessful Plan

Yesterday originally was our plan to do some wedding trial shoots out @ one of my wiffy’s friend wedding ceremony. The plan was great, as suppose that there was a marching band with a cross swords because the groom is a captain (I don’t know which regimen) of a Malaysian Army. However, turn out not as expected. We arrive just a little too late for those shots. Therefore, shorten says, we arrive, eat and cabut la. Without any shot was taken @ that wedding moment.

As on our journey back, my wife and I switch places for a while. Because I have got to get some sleep. Keep yawning while driving is a very bad practice you know. Then we stop @ R&R Machap to rest. Continuing our journey back home, (which I drivelah) suddenly we encounter with an accident victim @ the middle of the highway. A rider fell of bike and not moving. Actually there’s already a “brader” who tend to help this poor fella. Instead of letting him to maneuver the rest of road user to the other side of the lane, so I stop the car as to block the traffic from hitting him pulak! Crazy la mamat tu :P . I went and check that rider. Breathing, but dying like “nyawa² ikan”. To cut the crap, more and more people coming. Police, Plus highway officer, Towing truck driver etc. But where the heck is the Ambulance? This mamat is dying… Fortunately, he’s alive and safely brought to nearest hospital.

Then we continue driving. Until end of the last toll both, kene tahan dengan police officer. Sah kene saman because I was driving like demon @ 160-180Kmh following BMWs in front of me. Then again, luck is on our side. Officer just gimme a nice warning and let me go freely. But the lesson here, once you help someone in need, He will definitely return the favor back to you.

Frustrated with no wedding shots, we went to take some fresh air @ Hutan Bandar…

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fotopages for storage | sharing | advertising

Tonite I just register for http://www.fotopages.com , which I don't know why I have reserved that site for so long until now. But do I think I have a reason for that. Let see, why. Ahh, I can't tell you right now. Tell the truth, I have no idea what is it.

Hey, then again. Later. Laterlah, once again you visit here just click on the link @ your right hand side corner.

Oh yeah, and wish you guys for happy and good voting. Careful what you wish, careful what you cross or you may regret it... Cheers!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Moan To Myself

There's nothing much for me to update as I was bored like "ayam mengeram". Like I said from past posting, I will have my rest during working hour but failed. As I couldn't sleep. While waiting for any case to come up on my desk, I browsed few pro wedd's photog websites. Which I adore their work so much, I look 1 by 1 without missing a thing. Such photog like SN, archiprez, GC, BM etc... However, (however)... I found out, that most "bumiputera"s like to do extreme post-processing instead of keeping it ORIGINAL. I don't know why, but it (the post-pro) does include me also :P . But really I admire their skills on shooting angels, location etc. Well, I do feel tired and sleep is better. Oh, the pix that I post here taken inside GENTS was meant to show you guys how bruised my eyes are after few days of less sleep.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Desaru's gateway...*

This was my exhausted and most headache assignment, given by my wife. With limited time which I have, only a day that is! And to finish it. She said this is for her special friend request who is so curious about our capabilities on doing our things, taking pictures! Though, I admit that my skills of photojournalism is not yet at top notch as PRO and not even near. However, I don't see myself as a beginner either! At least as an experience photo takerlah!.. You know "snap", "click", etc no need to say "CHEESE!!" type.
Fortunately, I was able to finish this before I went to work tomorrow but with a cost. I will have to spend my the whole day sleeping in my office without being noticed by anyone! Ye lor, to cover back what I've lost during night time. Then again since I am so tired, I will now be gladly to show everyone my work. Hope you guys like it and please, leave your comment so I can improve to serve you with marvelous masterpiece images from a great capturing. Thank you for your support.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Partially Complete Equipt!

Today I have spent more then I was spending for main body. Bought new lens which I have tried it couple of days ago. Expensive, but worthed! However due to really tight for budget, I have to choose a used E-TTL flash gun for my assignment. Total? A same price as Canon 30D with kit! But its a really good deal to spent off. Ok, cut the chit chat. Now is the time to go out and do my test shoot :)

Officially Granted

Hooray! Today is my first posting of blog here @ Blogger... previously was from MSN Spaces @ http://ayeen2-core.spaces.live.com . Its because I'm going more serious into photography, I'll need a bigger space for pictures :) . Due to this, I officially transferred my main blog site to here. Watch out more yeah~!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Wify & Daughter (Portraits and Kids)

These are fews posed by my wife and candids as my daughter don't know how to do the action thing :) have a nice view! Any comment is definitely welcome.

My Other Early Wedding Folios

Yana's Wedding Folio

Earliest attempt of better way in photography and yes, into post-processing also! (i have never use photoshop or corelgraphy before)

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